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Sherry wine and fall food

Today my text about sherry wine for Umeå Tidning came out (read it here in Swedish). Dry sherry is definately one of my favourite styles of wine, and sadly not appreciated enough.

New Zealands best Pinot Noir

This week my first wine column after the summer break for Umeå Tidning was released. This month I am writing about good Pinot Noir from New Zealand and their interesting climate. It is in Swedish, you can find it here.

Summer and rosé

Finally time for some summer sun and a glass of rosé! My latest wine column in Umeå Tidning is out and it is all about how to make rosé and my recommendations for two good ones to try this summer. Read it here (in Swedish).    

Californian coastal wines

Today my wine column for Umeå Tidning came out, this time it is about Central Coast, an area in California we should try more wines from! Read it in Swedish here.  

Let’s talk Austria

Now I am up and running for the year of 2018 with my wine column in Umeå Tidning. First up is Wachau in Austria and its wines like Smaragd. Learn more (in Swedish) here!  

Happy New year

Today this years last wine column for Umeå Tidning came out. Click here to read (in Swedish) about sparkling wines and the term “millésime” and see my recommendation for two bottles of Champagne for the New Year! In the same issue of the magazine there is...